Intervention Specialists

Amy Bunch
Karen Fuller - RTI
Humphreys County is committed to helping all children succeed. We have many ways to help children who are struggling to learn and who need additional support to be successful. Response to Instruction and Intervention (RTI²) is one form of support. RTI² is a multi-level instruction and intervention delivery system through which specific student needs are identified based on instructional data. At the first level, all students receive high quality classroom instruction. All students are assessed periodically by a universal screening tool to determine their level of achievement. Students who are struggling are identified and move to the next level where they receive targeted interventions to support them in their areas of need. Each student’s progress is monitored regularly to determine if the intervention is helping him or her be more successful. If the intervention is working, it is continued as long as needed, if not, the child moves to the next level for more intensive intervention. For a more detailed explanation of this multi-level support system, see “A Family Guide to RTI²” at
Suzanne Darety - RTI
Lisa Miller
Rita Scarborough - Certified Speech Assistant
Kim Gatlin
Karen Webster - Occupational Therapy
Megan Odle - Reading Specialist
Elena Poyner - ELL
Monica Spann - Speech Therapy